Valuable Goods

Definition: Valuable goods (valuable items) are items such as gold, banknotes, jewelry, and artworks requiring a high-standard handling process and a guaranteed level of security.

General Requirement :

  • ┬áPlease make sure that the valuable goods can be delivered.
  • Please note and comply with all documents necessary for delivery.
  • We recommend you have insurance on your valuable goods before shipping.

Dokument: Air Waybill with a special note about valuable commodities inside.

Packing: Shipper to ensure packing, marking, and labeling requirements are properly met following standard shipping packaging for your valuable goods, and No indication of the nature of the contents or value should appear on the outer packaging.

Flow :

  • The shipper does the booking via the website/Cargo Service Center (CSC).
  • Shipper comes to Regulated Agent (RA) with the cargo along with the documents prepared (Air Waybill with a special note about valuable commodity inside).
  • Regulated Agent (RA) checks the data and supervises if there are forbidden goods inside ( narcotics & drugs).
  • The cargo will be taken to the warehouse & placed in the Strong Room.
  • When the time of departure approaches, the cargo will be carried using a Baggage Cart, Cargo is ready to be loaded onto the plane according to the applicable regulations.
  • When the cargo reaches the destination, the cargo will be unloaded from the plane.
  • Cargo will be transported to the warehouse using a Baggage Cart & placed in the Strong Room.
  • The cargo is ready to be picked up by the consignee.