Connecting Bali`s Top Commodity, Garuda Indonesia Open Cargo Flight Only Routes Denpasar-Narita

Denpasar, February 3, 2022 – The national flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia, on Wednesday (2/2) officially started serving Denpasar – Narita cargo flights-only which will be connected directly to cargo flights from Manado. On this inaugural cargo flight-only service, Garuda Indonesia transported at least 17 tons of Bali's top commodities, namely fishery products, especially tuna and ornamental fish and other general cargo with the A330-300 aircraft which has a transport capacity of up to 40 tons on each flight.

The CEO of Garuda Indonesia, Irfan Setiaputra said that the Denpasar - Narita cargo flights-only service was a development of the Manado - Narita route which had been served since the end of 2020 and was a form of Garuda Indonesia's commitment to supporting the competitiveness of national top commodities, especially Eastern Indonesia and which is known for its superior marine products.

“In the midst of various performance recovery measures that we are currently intensifying, the development of the cargo business line is a business focus that we continue to optimize, especially in serving the needs of the community. As a national flag carrier, of course, it is our commitment to always be at the forefront in supporting efforts to accelerate economic recovery, especially in various destinations for Garuda Indonesia," said Irfan.

Irfan explained, “As we all know, Japan is known as one of the countries with the largest tuna export destinations in the world. Of course, this makes Bali have a very strategic role in the export of national fishery commodities, considering that Bali is one of the largest tuna producers in Indonesia.”

"We hope that the opening of the Denpasar - Narita cargo flights-only service can make a positive contribution to increasing the competitiveness of the quality of export commodity products with a faster delivery process via air cargo, especially for top products such as fishery products that require speed in the delivery time and process in order to maintain the quality of freshness of commodities so that they can produce products that are more competitive in the global arena,” added Irfan.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster welcomed and appreciated the opening of a special cargo flight from Denpasar to Narita by Garuda Indonesia considering that exports of local Balinese products, especially to Japan, could be carried out optimally.

“The export potential of the agricultural, fishery and local Balinese branding products is quite high and is in great demand by overseas buyers. For that we need the support of all parties, including Garuda Indonesia, especially in expediting logistics so that the products mentioned above have high competitiveness and can reach buyers on time, "explained Koster.

"With the opening of cargo flights-only routes from Bali to Japan, it is hoped that Bali's exports to Japan can increase. We hope that with the Release of cargo flights-only from Bali to Japan and other export destination countries, we will be able to restore and restore the pulse of the national economy, especially Bali, which was slumped due to Covid-19, while still prioritizing the implementation of health protocols to suppress the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia. in the midst of community activities that have started to be productive,” said Koster.

Irfan further explained, "We believe that the performance recovery steps that Garuda is currently accelerating will not be achieved without the support of a solid economic ecosystem, one of which is regional economic players. We will continue to prioritize in ensuring that our work as a national flag carrier is always in line with the country's mandate to play an active role and contribute optimally to nation-building," concluded Irfan.


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