Supporting the Mission of Humanitarian Diplomacy, Garuda Indonesia Flyes Indonesia Government Aid

Jakarta, January 9, 2022 – The national airline Garuda Indonesia today, Sunday (09/01) flew 2 (two) Airbus A330-300s transporting humanitarian aid from Indonesia to Kabul, Afghanistan which is part of the initiation of the Indonesian Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Republic of Indonesia for the people of Afghanistan.

Through the "Indonesia Humanitarian Aid to the People of Afghanistan" program, Garuda Indonesia has flown at least 65 tons of humanitarian aid prepared by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which consists of aid for basic needs and other supporting needs.

The flight was also escorted by the Diplomat Team of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Medical Team, and the Security Team to ensure the smooth distribution of the humanitarian aid.

The humanitarian flight departed from Jakarta using flight GA 7900 which departed in the early hours of this morning and arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan at 12.34 WIB. Meanwhile, flight GA 7720 arrived in Kabul at 13.04 WIB.

The CEO of Garuda Indonesia Irfan Setiaputra said, "It is a matter of pride and meaning for us as a national flag carrier to be able to play an active role in connecting messages of humanitarian solidarity between countries through the distribution of this aid which is full of philosophical meaning for the manifestation of the concern of the world community in a humanitarian mission", added Irfan.

"This support is also in line with our commitment to continue to carry out the mandate of the State in carrying out duties as a representative of the Nation by playing an active role at the forefront of humanitarian diplomacy missions, one of which is through the distribution of aid to Afghanistan, which is currently in need of support from the international community," said Irfan.

"It is a necessity for Garuda Indonesia as the flag carrier of the nation to take part in the active role of the State in voicing its national values, one of which is through a humanitarian mission to the Afghan people which of course needs to be supported by the accessibility of air transportation which is ready at any time in carrying out the task of communicating messages. solidarity between these countries" explained Irfan.

"We also appreciate all parties involved in the implementation of this Humanitarian Flight considering that there are many technical aspects that must be carefully prepared to ensure the smooth implementation of this humanitarian flight," explained Irfan.

Of course, the procedure for sending humanitarian aid has been through intensive coordination with relevant stakeholders by paying attention to aspects of aviation safety and security as well as the appropriate standards of air cargo distribution in terms of licensing logistics delivery between countries.

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