Garuda Indonesia Transports 1.5 Tons of rendang for People Affected by Natural Disasters in NTT

The national  airline  Garuda Indonesia  transports  at least  1.5 tons of west Sumatran  food  "Rendang"  to  people affected by natural disasters in East Nusa Tenggara   (NTT).  The     ready-to-eat rendang is collective  assistance from the people  of West Sumatra  as well as  various  private  and  government  agencies distributed through the support of the West Sumatra Provincial   Government. 

President Director of Garuda Indonesia Irfan  Setiaputra  said, "Asa national flag carrier, we  certainly    continue to play an  active role to  always  be present  in  connecting  various  humanitarian  commitments from all  elements  of  society  to  our  brothers  who are currently affected by natural disasters in NTT".

 "Surely it  is the pride   for us to be able to connect  the  message of humanitarian  solidarity from the people of Sumbar  to  the people  of  NTT  through the distribution of  this  the aid  which is loaded  with philosophical meanings   for the form   of  the concern  between  Indonesians",   said  Irfan. 

 The procedure  of delivery  of Rendang   has certainly  been  through the standard of the feasibility of distributing  food  by  air  ranging  from  packaging  procedures  to  cargo handling  procedures to ensure the  quality of  food is maintained. 

 Rendang  delivery was carried out  gradually  from April 14, 2021, to  April 15, 2021, through  padang - Jakarta - Labuan Bajo -  Kupang flight service.