Supporting Efforts to Control Eid Al-Fitr Transportation, Garuda Prepares Anticipatory Policy

Jakarta, 9 April 2021 - Garuda Indonesia's national airline fully supports the government's policy on transportation control during the Eid al-Fitr 2021 homecoming period which is valid from 6 - 17 May 2021, following the publication of SE No. 13 of 2021 from the Task Force on Handling Covid-19.

President Director of Garuda Indonesia Irfan Setiaputra said, "We, at Garuda Indonesia will certainly support this policy, considering the control efforts made to optimize efforts to accelerate the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, which requires active participation from all walks of life, including us as industry players of air transportation service providers."

"In line with this support, Garuda Indonesia as a national flag carrier is committed to playing an active role in efforts to address the Covid-19 pandemic; that is, by ensuring the availability of air connectivity for people who must travel within that period or people who fall into the category excluded from the provisions of the homecoming ban; which of course still refers to the terms of travel and applicable regulations," Irfan continued.

"In addition, Garuda Indonesia is also committed to continuing to be present to support the fulfillment of logistics distribution needs that we project will increase significantly ahead of the upcoming Eid al-Fitr celebrations, where the preferences of people's needs in delivering goods as a means of friendship will be increased, one of which we will optimize through Kirim Aja service and cargo flights," he added.

Furthermore, "Garuda Indonesia is also currently preparing anticipatory measures related to the operational policy of flight services to support the implementation of this Eid al-Fitr transportation control policy, including adjustment of frequency and schedule of flights as needed, adjustment of operational policies on pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight service lines before, during, and after the homecoming ban period, optimization of cargo flight services to support logistics distribution and various anticipatory policies in other operational areas.

"To ensure that the various adjustment measures run optimally, Garuda Indonesia continues to coordinate intensively with other airport service stakeholders. We will continue to monitor passenger traffic ahead of the implementation of this transportation control policy, to ensure the operation of flight services can continue smoothly." Irfan also explained.

"To support the government's transportation control efforts, we also encourage people who have planned trips to coincide with the homecoming ban period, to be able to immediately make adjustments to the flight plan. Garuda Indonesia provides flexibility in the form of additional fee exemptions for people who make changes to flight plans, concerning the applicable provisions," said Irfan.

"We believe that national economic recovery efforts will not take place optimally without the government's decisive steps in accelerating the handling of pandemics that need to be supported by active community participation to minimize the risk of spread. Therefore, we hope that the provisions of this homecoming ban can be interpreted as an effort to prevent transmission and accelerate the wider recovery, in line with the momentum of national vaccinations that have been implemented by the Government since the beginning of 2021," explained Irfan.