Shipping Perfume with Garuda Indonesia Cargo

A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future". - Coco Chanel. Perhaps, perfume is one of those sacred things that everyone should have. Besides their refreshing aroma, perfume also describes personality based on its fragrance. Sometimes, if you like a certain perfume, you would definitely continue to use it even though it has to be shipped from abroad. Shipping perfume should also not be arbitrary so that the fragrance does not change due to temperature. Take it easy, Garuda Indonesia Cargo could always be counted on to ship perfume, so that the quality of the fragrance and the elegance of the bottles are always maintained up to the hands of perfume lovers everywhere.


  • Perfume shipment is included in Dangerous Goods' shipment
  • In Dangerous Goods, perfume is included in Class 9 (Miscellaneous)
  • Perfume's classification is ID 8000, Consumer Commodity

The conditions if you wish to ship perfume are:

The document requirements that must be completed by the shipper:

  • Air Waybill
  • Shipper's Declaration
  • Material Safety Data Sheet


  • Each packaging must be designed & constructed to prevent leakage
  • Inner packagings must not exceed 500 ml for liquids & 500 g for solids
  • Each completed package as prepared for shipment must not exceed a gross weight of 30 kg


  • Standard factory packaging can be used to ship perfume.
  • If the inner packaging material breaks easily, additional bubble wrap or other protection is required
  • The labels "This Way Up" and "Fragile" must be attached to every perfume shipment