Cold shipping for mother's milk (ASIP)

Working outside the city or country is a tough challenge for breastfeeding mothers. Separating distance is a real struggle. If your breast milk needs to be sent miles away to the beloved baby, there could be a sense of concern about the delivery process. 

Fortunately, you do not have to worry! Garuda Indonesia Cargo could deliver your milk with the following requirements:

  • Pack your breast milk in two packages, inside and outside.
  • For the outside packaging, please use the packaging which could stand the cold breast milk, such as Styrofoam-coated plastic, cooling bottles, etc.
  • Inner packaging is a special storage package. If a bottle is used, it should not be made of glass to avoid the possibility of a bottle breaking due to impacts during shipping. Please make sure the packaging is leak-proof.
  • For outer packaging, use ice gel with a minimum cold resistance of 24 hours. Chillers other than ice gel are not recommended for use.
  • Also, use bubble wrap on the outer packaging to protect the breast milk from impacts during shipping.
  • Please make sure that recipients could pick up their breast milk shipments immediately before the cooling effect of the ice gel drops.
  • Be sure to inform the clerk that the contents of the shipment are breast milk. 

  • Breast milk has always been recommended to be frozen at the time of shipment in order to avoid any damage.