Shipping Tuna with Garuda Indonesia Cargo

Tuna Fish, these animals are included in the class of raw fish and classified as Perishable Cargo commodities. It means Tuna Fish are acceptable for shipping as long as they had completed documents and requirements. So, there is no need to worry if you wish to ship fresh Tuna with Garuda Indonesia Cargo. We have strict procedures regarding the Perishable Cargo (PER) shipments. Moreover, our shipments are handled directly by the staff who have been experienced for many years.

The conditions that must be met if you want to ship fresh Tuna are:

  • The document requirements that must be completed by the shipper:
    • Air Waybill
    • CITES Document (if needed by the quarantine agency)
    • Export/import documents issued by the authorities in each country of origin/sender

    (for shipments and from abroad)

    • The label "This Way Up" & Label "Live Animals"
    • Name, complete address, and phone number of sender & consignee
  • General Requirement
    • Fresh Tuna should have the innards cleaned, including the gills
    • Ensure the fishes are dry enough
    • Adequate gel ice as a refrigerant is placed around fish
  • Container :

a. Outer packing:

  • Double lidded wall corrugated fiberboard box with minimum thickness 6mm
  • Expanded Polystyrene box (Styrofoam box) with minimal density 38 kg/m3

b. Inner packing :

  • Corrugated fiberboard for every side to prevent durability of the package
  • Styrofoam can be placed on the bottom of the inner packing to prevent the product contaminated by dirt from outside

c. Fresh Tuna & ice are placed on top of a plastic sheet and wrapped the plastic sheet around Tuna & ice, then twist both.

d. Absorbent must be used, placed at least wrapped around Tuna

Based on Cargo Handling Manual (CHM) Ed. 5 Rev.2 Chapter 7.10