Background GO Product
  • As new breakthroughs in product development in anticipation of competition Cargo Cargo business is growing
  • Provide a more exclusive selection of products to customers Garuda
  • Rearrangement products Cargo
  • Meet the needs of the business will freight a safe, convenient, reliable
  • Improved service
  • Create a new demand
  • Working on another target market of Corporations, Institutions / Government Institutions / Private, Event Organizer and personal

“GO” Phylosophy

Is a product of cargo according to the type of goods being sent to get closer to the customer wants and needs.
 GO Product consists of 8 brand products and has 8 sub-brand product where each brand has a logo and service features of each.


GO Product Meaning

GO (English language) : means dynamic or moving and with spirit

G : first letter from GARUDA word

O : last letter from CARGO word

GO : describe number "60" years of Garuda when GO Product was launched