Cargo Service Center (CSC) Photo Contest

Garuda Indonesia Cargo has a delivery service through Cargo Service Center (CSC). You can also participate in the "Cargo Service Center (CSC) Photo Contest".
 More information can be found below:
A. Initial Requirements for Participation in Prize Competitions:
1. Indonesian citizen and residing in Indonesia.  
2. Participants are at least 18 years old. For minors under Indonesian law, participants must be proven by using a birth certificate or family card and getting approval from parents.
3. Meet all applicable legal requirements in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia to receive the prize following this.
B. Mechanism of Prize Competition:
1. The competition is held from June 08 to July 07, 2021.
2. Procedures for participating in this Competition:
· Show participants selfie while inside the Cargo Service Center (CSC) in your city in a creative and engaging way
· Participants must follow the @garuda.cargo Instagram account
· When uploading the selfie,  participants must tag &mention the account @garuda.cargo and 3 (three) friends who you want to invite the competition and use the hashtag #GaCargoquizbintang  #GarudaIndonesiaCargo #GarudaIndonesia #PastiSampai #CSC
· Make sure Instagram the account is unlocked/private
        3. Winner selection is conducted through a judging system based on the most interesting photos and captions based on the jury's decision, which is absolute and inviolable. The composition of the jury is determined by the organizer.
4. The announcement of the Winner will be made on July 10, 2021, or at any other time determined by the Organizer.
5. Winner will be announced via Instagram Stories @garuda.cargo
6. Participants must ensure that the account used in uploading content in this competition is active. The organizer shall not be liable in the event of any constraints on the awarding of prizes to participants who are designated as winners if the winner cannot be contacted through the social media accounts used by the participants in uploading content.
7. The competition is only valid for CSC (Cargo Service  Center)  customers during the Competition Period.
8. Employees of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk and their families are not allowed to participate in this competition, this also applies to employees of partners or third parties who are cooperating with Garuda Indonesia.
 C. Prizes &Terms of Competition Winners:
Participants selected as the winners of the Competition must be subject to the following conditions:
1. The competition prize is 1 piece miniature of Garuda Indonesia aircraft
2. The organizer will contact the winner via social media used by the participant to upload content to participate in the competition.
3. The winner must provide complete personal data confirmation such as the name, address, and mobile number via a direct message sent by Garuda Indonesia Cargo's official social media account team no later than 48 hours after the organizer contacts the Winner.
4. The prize will be sent to the participant at the address informed to the organizer.
5. If the winner cannot be contacted or does not respond within 48 hours, the Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the winner, cancel the prize submission and replace the winner with another participant who meets the conditions.
6. The winner shall cooperate and comply with and comply with all administrative requirements necessary for awarding the prize within the period set forth by The Organizer, including but not limited to the matters outlined in the competition conditions.
7. The winner is willing to provide a copy of the data of a valid identity card (KTP/SIM/NPWP).
8. All additional costs associated with the receipt or use of the prize, either directly or indirectly, are the responsibility of the winner.